Floral design in Europe!!

In just a few days I will be half way across the world studying floral design at 7 different flower shops! I leave for a 2 month long trip to travel all around Europe on May 2nd, 2011! I have been connected with a wonderful lady who lives in Brussels and has coordinated the whole thing for me to study with the top floral designers out there. We will spend a week in each city/country!
Starting in Brussels then to Lyon, France for 2 weeks, afterwards to Paris, London, then Torquay, England, back to Paris and around France, last stop back in Brussels!
I can hardly believe it! It seems to be a dream to me! I have been trying to learn french but it's not coming super easy. Lol! So we will see how everything goes.So I'm super excited! I'm just going with the flow of life wherever it takes me. It's tons of fun! I really do love my life! I will do my best to blog once a week so that you can all see how it's going! So stay tuned!! Spread the word, you will get to see some new trends coming from Europe! I can't wait to share my experience with you!!

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