Felicia and Neil

Felicia and Neil Wedding


Here is a picture of the family, me and Lara Bishop worked together on the flowers for everyone except the bride and groom which was made by Felicia Carpenter, the bride herself.

This is a close up of the arrangement that I did.

These were the designs for the buffet table, not what Felicia had orginally planned but I think it turned out great!

This is the throw bouquet, we decided to put it there as part of the sign in table

This is just one of the centerpeices, if I remember right we made 12.

The cake was made by Felicia's friend, but we just added a sweet touch of the 3 tulips with the ribbon that drapes down the left side of the cake. Very simple yet elegant.

This is how we did all of the Bouts.

And here is an example of the corsages.

And you can see here we made about 6 wristlets for the younger girls.

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