Pasadena Parade

Tournament of Roses

We won the President's award "Most Effective Use and Presentation of Flowers"

I was given a chance to do something one might only do once in a lifetime. Part of Brigham Young University - Idaho was asked to design for the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, as part of the Rose Bowl. We worked on the Sesame street parade, sponsored by NAMM - National Association of Music Merchants.

We were able to work mostly with tropicals, but you can see that we mixed a lot of all the flowers. When we arrived on Monday most of the seeds and other flower material was already glued on so we got right to work.

We were given the flowers and said "Go to work, good luck!". It was a little intimidating at first but we gained confidence as we continued. You have to work on the float as a whole, b/c everything has to flow together. So you are not just doing one design at a time you are doing 20 or more. And they all have to be in your head at once. Dayrol was our mentor and was always there to help out.

There were also times that we had to design backwards. There was really no way that we could reach them at the front angle. So that was a challenge in itself. I learned a lot about team work.

All in all, it was a dream for me! I absolutely loved the experience! There is no replacing all of the things I have learned and th people that I have met/bonded with. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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Nick, Sara, and kids said...

Gorgeous! How fun! What an inspiration.