I have found a job!

My dream job!

Ok, So I know that it has taken me forever to post this, I apoligize. I was hired at Northampton House as the Floral and Wedding consultant. I started in the middle of Febuary. They trained me first as the florist and now I am done training as one of the 3 Wedding Consultants. I hope that you all take some time to check out the website. We have a blog where we post each of our events. There you can see my work. I will try to post some of my pictures here too.

Just to explain a little bit about what I do. I am the only Floral Consultant for all of Northampton House. We rotate around about 60 brides at one time here. I do the floral consulting and flower arranging for all of the brides. I have one assistant that helps me arrange on the weekends. As one of the Wedding Consultants I have give tours and help each of our clients to book for their event and then work out all of the details and run their event. So it has been kind of crazy getting used to a new job, but I really love it!

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