Wedding in Dijon, France

Please enjoy the following pictures from a typical wedding in France:
These are their wedding cakes. They are made out of cream puffs! And built into a very tall tower. The bride and groom do not take anything home, the guests eat everything.
This week I am working for Christelle Rousselet at 'Ca Sent Beau' in Dijon, France
The bride asked for us to decorate a backdrop and some drapery above too.

She had a fairly simple arrangement for her buffet and for her centerpieces.

I loved the headtable with the freshcut ivy and david austin roses mixed throughout the ivy.

The chandelier was made by Christelle using paper-mache. Perfect addition to the room with the suspended roses!
Another European tradition to make a beautiful arrangement on the car.
This is a picture of one of the sweet little flower girls! I loved the way it turned out!

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